As the official motorsports arm of Ferrari of Newport Beach, MG1 Motorsports has been providing top- tier professional racing services to drivers in the Ferrari Challenge since 2005. MG1 Motorsports provides Factory authorized technical expertise using the latest Ferrari and ancillary race data technology, for an unsurpassed level of competence and professionalism in all aspect of the Pirelli World Challenge and Ferrari Challenge.

MG1 Motorsports provides its drivers with a unique, first class, and carefree concierge service that eliminates all peripheral concerns, and handles all logistics involved in maintain and transporting the drivers’ car(s) and race gear before, during and after the races, as well as any private testing sessions.

Ultimately, MG1 Motorsports Pirelli World Challenge and Ferrari Challenge drivers need only to show up on the track, to focus solely on honing their racing skills with the MG1 Motorsports team manager, crew chief and data acquisition specialists.

Upon arriving at a race, Ferrari of Newport Beach drivers are greeted by the MG1 Motorsports crew in the comfort of the pristine MG1 Motorsports transporter. Drivers may dive into racing matters with the MG1 Motorsports Team Manager, conduct business in the privacy of the MG1 Motorsports office, or simply relax and take in the pre-race atmosphere.

The course of action during a Pirelli World Challenge and Ferrari Challenge race weekend begins with multiple practice sessions during which time drivers are instructed by professional racing coaches.

Following each practice session, Ferrari of Newport Beach drivers, coaches, and MG1 Motorsports senior personnel examine various car set-ups, review in-car video and relate all pertinent data analysis and driving characteristics to lap times, in effort to determine qualifying and race strategies.

After the race, champagne and trophy podium ceremonies take place to celebrate the top three drivers, but also to recognize certain drivers and teams who have contributed or performed in a way that is symmetric to the style of gentleman racing, on which Ferrari Challenge was founded.

MG1 Motorsports Accommodations:

  • Individual driver equipment storage lockers

  • Race video playback monitors

  • Private air conditioned/heated changing areas

  • Private office area

  • Bathroom and shower onboard MG1 transporter

  • Kitchen and refreshments

  • Dry cleaning services for driver uniforms

  • State of the art 53-ft competition team hauler

  • 73’ x 24’ four-sided, full enclosed awning style garage with outdoor lounge area

  • Comprehensive collection of the most advanced race tools and diagnostic components

  • Top-level staff including highly experienced race engineers, data acquisition techs & driving coaches

For more information about joining MG1 Motorsports in the Ferrari Challenge, Contact Us.